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We are Healthnet (UK) Limited. We are a leading provider of innovative Healthcare Applications for both the mobile as well as PC users.

My Pharmacy Services is a service that is dedicated to provide the UK consumer with the capability to search for any Pharmacy Service that they are looking for and also locate any Pharmacy that provides the specific service close by. It also will provides Location information as well as Opening Hours for the Pharmacy to the consumer.

This service is currently provided free to the Pharmacy as well as the consumer. Pharmacies can register, for FREE, on this web site and indicate what services they provide. We will make sure that information is available to all consumers.

Pharmacies who are already registered on our other service offering at www.pillmanager.co.uk do not need to register on this web site. Their services and location details will automatically be displayed here.

Our Other Offerings:

PillManager:This is a mobile and web based application for the consumer that allows them to manage their medications, their health records and allows them to send in their prescription details directly to the Pharmacy of their choice. Please visit www.pillmanager.co.uk for more information

PatientManager:This is a software application designed for the Pharmacy that allows the Pharmacists to receive and respond to customers prescription requests instantly via free messaging services on the users mobile versions of the PillManager App. This software also allows the Pharmacist to broadcast their Services to their customers.